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How to say & pronounce Échappé:

What does Échappé translate to?
to escape

Why did I choose Échappé?
I really wanted a french ballet term, so when going through the many possibilities, Échappé and it's meaning really struck a chord with me. I am a true believer that Dance is a form of Escape and therapy and helps people to get away from daily stresses and heal through dance. During lockdown in New Zealand, this became even more relevant as I escaped into my garage to teach online dance classes and dance for myself. Hence Échappé - Escape to Dance was born.

My name is Kimberley, and I am a certified Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) teacher, having attended two PBT workshops (Auckland 2018 and Sydney 2020) and have achieved  both the Level 2 & 3 certifications online. I love to share my skills and experience with students of all ages and abilities.  I am an experienced and knowledgeable dance teacher based in Auckland, New Zealand. I am trained in the RAD ballet syllabus but now specialise in teaching open and RAD ballet classes, dance technique, choreography/repertoire,  and conditioning and PBT.  I have a real passion for safe dance practices and I have completed the 3 day Lisa Howell Teaching course in Sydney, and the SugarFoot Therapy course online. All of these courses fuelled my passion for dance, teaching and safe dance technique. 


I teach children and adults through to seniors at two Auckland studios, Dance for Life Academy and InterFusion Dance Studio.  I am also the Bookings and Marketing Manager at Dance for Life Academy so my life revolves around dance - how lucky am I?!. 

I have been involved in community musical theatre and performed and choreographed in many shows.  I've also been Secretary on a theatre committee, and Set Designer and Production Manager.   

In 2012 I competed in NZIFBB figure and fitness bodybuilding and won the Auckland Fitness and the Wellington Figure regional competitions.  So I have spent a lot of time in gyms as well as dance studios and theatres!

Before focusing on dance teaching, I was an Information Analyst and IT Business Consultant around New Zealand working with business processes and IT systems at many different local government and corporates and private businesses.   I love finding ways to improve processes to make them more efficient and present information in the best way for audience required. 

The Échappé  PBT cue cards were formed from the idea that while teaching I needed quick visual cues to relay the exercises to my students (alongside the technique and imagery cues that as skilled teachers we impart with care for our students and their particular needs).   I also wanted to do circuit sessions with my students once they knew the exercises, so they can rotate stations set up around the studio under my supervision. The cue cards allow them to quickly reference the exercise - triggering their memory from what I've already taught them. 

My personal set was created in 2019, and when shared on the Teaching Progressing Ballet Technique Facebook page, there was a lot of interest and support for them.  During the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, the interest grew again, and I finally had the time to get them online to share.   

I really hope my resources will be useful to you too, to help you continue to grow as a teacher and share your passion for dance with your students.  Please tag me on instagram @echappe2dance with our photos! 

PBT Sydney workshop
PBT Sydney workshop
ETEP workshop at Norris
Tendus with Sliders
PBT workshop at Dance for Life
In my home studio with Rio
Ready to go
PBT Circuit at Dance for Life
Kimberleys PBT badges
Level 2 Certification
PBT Certification
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