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PBT & Conditioning Cue Cards

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is a fantastic programme for dance, pilates and gymnastics teachers and instructors ( With permission from the PBT founder, I have created a useful resource for the PBT community, designed for PBT Certified Teachers to use as a quick visual guide and to use for circuits in class (once the students have been properly taught the exercises and under supervision).  

CUE CARDS can be used as a Quick Reference guide for PBT Teachers, to help learn exercises and plan lessons, and as Circuit Cue Cards for Students to follow during class.  Teachers can Print and Laminate the cards so they can be set up in the studio with the relevant equipment to use as a circuit programme.  They can also be printed in 'Booklet' format as a teacher manual.

The mixed PBT set of cue cards contains a mix of levels and is available in English, French and Spanish! 

The dance conditioning set is a generic set of conditioning exercises which can be used on it's own or combined with PBT to make a fun circuit.

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