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PBT cue cards from the JUNIOR level including many new exercises.  The 20 exercises included are: 

  1. Foundation Warm Up
  2. Fascia Mobilsation
  3. Warm up with Balance
  4. Small ball extension
  5. Climbing Stairs extension
  6. Pass the Ball
  7. Clams and Core Warm Up
  8. Turn Out
  9. Smiley back & oblique stretch
  10. Ripple through the spine
  11. Balance with weight placement
  12. Dynamic Iliopsoas Conditioning
  13. Arabesque Activation
  14. Relevé and Temps Levé Alignment
  15. Batterie Preparation
  16. Vastus Medialis Activation
  17. Hamstring and Upper Body
  18. Achilles and Hamstring Stretch
  19. Hamstring stretch with bands
  20. Junior Warm Down

PBT Junior Cue Cards

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