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These are my favorite Analogies for dance with visuals and text description.   Sometimes it is hard to put a picture into words when explaining to your students. These analogies can be used for many dance steps and styles.


Display as posters in your studio or keep handy to help explain these feelings to your students.


13 page printable PDF to download and print.



1. Be like a tree

2. Close your zippers

3. Let water run off your fingers

4. Let the puppet master hold you up

5. Turnout is like a candy cane...

6. Your foot is  paintbrush...

7.  Draw a rainbow with your fingertips

8. Step inside a hula hoop

9. Keep your bird in its cage

10. Your spine is a string of pearls

11. Don't spill your tea!

12. Stack and Slide

13. Rocket and Parachute

Dance Analogies

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